Camela Guevara | Untitled Plume (15)

The Southern Gallery

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Camela Guevara | Untitled Plume (15)

Gouache on Bristol paper
11 x 14 inches (h x w)


I create tactile works combining traditional, time-honored sewing techniques and minimal geometric imagery with materials like beads, sequins, thread and ink. The anachronistic and reflective works stem from the repetitive, meditative process of adding beads one-by-one to create mental stillness in an otherwise media-laden, fast-paced world. I seek to honor the sewing traditions of the past and their necessity even in an increasingly technological age. My work results from a desire to record moments of introspection with embellished surfaces that reference my work as a seamstress, over the top fashion, and old world glamour through the lens of a spare, modern aesthetic.

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